Hello and welcome to my Law of Attraction blog

Welcome to my Law of Attraction blog!

I’m Unique (just like everyone else) and I have lots of things to ask and learn about the Law of Attraction, even though I’ve been “into it” since 2007 and for the first four years after I got “into it”, it was the only thing I read, pondered and listened to.

Law of Attraction Blog

Law of Attraction Blog

Then, I took about a year’s break from the material, and branched back out into other authors – some I had previously read before getting into the Abraham Hicks material, and some new ones that I hadn’t had the bravery to get into.  Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey and Seth Godin top the list.

Now, I’m back to the LoA material, with a fresh perspective and an emotionally matured heart.

I’m back to the LoA material because I’ve started to slip again.  I’m feeling envious and sad and “lacking”, and I’m noticing some interesting self-sabotage patterns reoccurring.  It’s time to put my attention to where I want to go, and connect with people who are like minded, ask my questions in a safe environment, and grow to the next phase.

Who’s with me?  Please leave your Law of Attraction blog address here so I can come visit 🙂