Martial arts and the law of attraction, part three

“When you’re taking action in your now and is not action in joy, it is our absolute promise to you it will not lead to a happy ending. It cannot – it defies law.” – Abraham Hicks, law of attraction – 2006

20130806-194343.jpgI don’t know – this one seems like I have a direct contradiction to…

What of endorphins? What of the workout high or relaxation feeling that people get after a good workout?

I’ve certainly had days that were horrible, but once I step on the workout floor, the world disappears and I train, I feel better afterwards. Maybe not in the vortex, but certainly much calmer and relaxed.

I’ve long trained myself that the best cure to frustration or anger or sadness or any intense emotion is a good workout.

How does this work, if not inspired by Joy?


Martial arts and the law of attraction, part two

“You’ve intended action, that is part of the deliciousness of the physical world in which you live, But you did not intend to do your creating through action. You intended to do your creating through thought and to enjoy that which is created with your body.” – Abraham Hicks, law of attraction

20130806-192927.jpgI feel as if I have returned to a place of of disconnection from the stream of well-being when it comes to my martial arts training, largely due to habits and beliefs formed years ago in my early training years.

Much of martial arts is about physical repetition and physical training and conformity and acting without thinking. There is definitely a flavor of action action action, and very little – actually, zero – visualization training where I am. I see this as my greatest opportunity for helping students improve… And a unique angle of mine that I will bring to my teaching.

My intentions with blogging about martial arts and the law of attraction is to connect with other martial artists who are traveling down the law of attraction road, and to help me keep my eyes on what I want versus what I do not want.

That being said, I have some martial arts issues I would appreciate feedback on from fellow law of attraction practitioners… Please help me bring more of this relaxing mind set into my physical training, without causing disruption!

Martial arts and the law of attraction, part one

20130806-190639.jpgI’m listening to Abraham Hicks “the law of attraction” from 2006

I’ve listened to this particular audiobook probably at least 20 times, and each time I find it useful and enlightening.

In fact, I’ve probably listened to 2000 hours of Abraham Hicks materials, however I still need to chew over things in my life, and integrate law of attraction into everything I do.

Martial arts and the law of attraction

Have you ever trained martial arts?

I’ve been training for over 15 years. Most of my training was before I learned how to trust my inner guide, and certainly before I learned about law of attraction.

Most of my training was when I was younger, and more readily convinced to conform to someone else’s arbitrary standard. Martial arts has a lot of being expected to conform to someone else’s standard, although it is also considered “leadership training” as well.

Over the past five years, with the introduction of law of attraction materials, I found myself questioning everything in my life. All of my opinions, all of my fears, all of what inspired me, all of what motivated me… And everything else, too. At one point I decided, “if I thought this thought for more than a year, it’s time to rethink the thought”, and I’ve spent a lot of introspective time re-thinking those thoughts, and coming to many new conclusions.

Today, I train with a martial arts group who has allowed me the opportunity to extend my learning by becoming a teacher. Through the law of attraction materials, I have learned quite well how to turn my attention away from what I do not want, and towards what I do want… And now I am hoping to apply this in my teaching as well.

As I build my teaching repertoire, I find my excitement grows! On the downside, I’m not a very obedient martial artist student.

And a martial artist who is not obedient is one that often struggles against those who believe they can inspire conformity in others. In martial arts, conformity can be “encouraged” with social pressure, physical pain, or denying advancement opportunities.

Help me reduce my struggle and embrace the joy in my heart, allowing others to be the way they are – without feeling obliged or trapped or obligated to conform to a standard I do not aspire toward.

More on this topic soon!

Hello and welcome to my Law of Attraction blog

Welcome to my Law of Attraction blog!

I’m Unique (just like everyone else) and I have lots of things to ask and learn about the Law of Attraction, even though I’ve been “into it” since 2007 and for the first four years after I got “into it”, it was the only thing I read, pondered and listened to.

Law of Attraction Blog

Law of Attraction Blog

Then, I took about a year’s break from the material, and branched back out into other authors – some I had previously read before getting into the Abraham Hicks material, and some new ones that I hadn’t had the bravery to get into.  Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey and Seth Godin top the list.

Now, I’m back to the LoA material, with a fresh perspective and an emotionally matured heart.

I’m back to the LoA material because I’ve started to slip again.  I’m feeling envious and sad and “lacking”, and I’m noticing some interesting self-sabotage patterns reoccurring.  It’s time to put my attention to where I want to go, and connect with people who are like minded, ask my questions in a safe environment, and grow to the next phase.

Who’s with me?  Please leave your Law of Attraction blog address here so I can come visit 🙂